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The club was first formed in May 2005 with just three persons as comittee, address at Land Office, Level 22, KOMTAR in the centre of the Georgetown, Penang. The founder of the club, Mr. Azlan has own initiative to establish and manage the club and while, routine training session coached by Mdm Norsham (well-known as Mama) at Green Jabatan Belia dan Sukan, Batu Uban, Penang.

Newland lawn Bowls Club is one of the private club fully handled by Government stuffs in giving a chance and exposure to all Government Servant and publics in learning the right way how to play lawn Bowls.

Newland Club will try to participate in any tournament involving the state level or international level. Our target is also to produce the player who can play for the state and also for the country.


Existing the new organized competitor to the local and international tournament in towards producing quality playesr among the Club's members.

To increase and attract new members by promoting the Club as a place where fun, friendship and camaraderie are fostered.

To recognize and maintain the integrity and respect of the sport and that of its fellow members.

To support new members by providing friendly and constructive coaching that will inspire them to play the game to the best of their ability and in doing so, "have fun"

To continue to challenge and empower the Club's present members by encouraging them to attend and participate in tournaments (home and away) and Club events.